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HR Audit – Is your company compliant with employment law?

In my last article I covered the removal of employment tribunal fees which will now inevitably lead to an increase in level of the number of claims against employers. Therefore, it is extremely important that as an employer your company is fully compliant with the law in order to minimise the risk of potential claim either via the employment tribunal and/or civil court system.

The best way to stay compliant is to make sure that you have access to HR and employment law expertise. This would initially start with a Human Resources Audit which will provide a ‘health check’ for the organisation from an HR perspective.

Following the completion of a comprehensive HR audit the results are fed back within a detailed report which will include a clear action plan. Such an action plan will highlight any areas of a critical nature where there needs to be action taken immediately together with any specific HR requirements a company may have. This in turn will compliment any strategic plans an organisation may have.

If your organisation has not had an HR audit completed recently it is advisable that this is done in order to protect your business.

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