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Gender Pay Gap Reporting – The deadline looms!

Further to recent legislation the deadline for publishing gender pay is now looming for employers who have 250 or more employees. This legislation requires an employer to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.

The deadline to report and publish this information 4 April 2018 (or 30 March 2018 for public sector employers). Employers can register their organisation on the government’s online reporting service via means of the following link;

An employer fitting the above criteria will have to provide calculations within the following six areas;

The results for the six areas must be published on the employer’s website and a government website. They must, where applicable, be confirmed in a written statement by an appropriate person, such as a chief executive.

An employer will also have the option to provide a narrative applicable to their calculations. Such a description should give details about actions that are being taken to reduce or eliminate the gender pay gap if this is necessary.



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